Use our accurate, up-to-date fuel data to your advantage.

A large, international player in the petroleum industry was considering a major investment in the Australian market. They lacked in-depth knowledge about the Australian petroleum industry, longer-term market trends, supplier logistics and margin trends. To be certain they were making a favourable investment, they needed to determine margins across all their market channels, including ex-terminal, wholesale and retail.

Fueltrac undertook a Data Reporting service to determine:

  • Average margins over an extensive time period
  • Average margins across a wide variety of products and a range of geographic markets
  • Long-term trend analysis
  • Potential target market size

Our Approach
Our consultants conducted extensive analysis using our comprehensive databases dating back to the 1990’s. We analysed pricing structures including wholesale, retail and terminal gate, as well as other pricing methodologies. This data informed margin calculations across a number of specific geographic locations and products.

This analysis filled the client’s knowledge gaps so they confidently assess the pros and cons of their proposed investment.

Specific Outcomes
Using our accurate and extensive data, we equipped this client with:

  • A complete and independent market analysis
  • A clear picture of the size and scope of their target market
  • A clarification of due diligence processes
  • The ability to make an informed investment decision