How do you know if Bio Fuels are a viable option?

How do you know if Bio Fuels are a viable option?

The interest in bio fuels continues to rise as businesses look for more sustainable and cost-effective solutions. But while Bio Fuels may be beneficial in some areas, they can also pose serious risks. Fueltrac will help you assess whether opportunities outweigh the risks for your business.

Fueltrac’s highly experienced industry experts provide information and expert analysis on a range of alternate fuels. We’ll provide a credible overview of the alternate fuel market and help you identify any risks, such as costly engine failure and potential supply issues. Our comparisons of price and performance outcomes can be applied to both current and forecast models.

Fueltrac’s Bio & Alternate Fuels Consulting Service relates to:

  • All forms of Biodiesel (including Canola, Soya, Palm Oil, Tallow and Waste Oils)
  • CNG and LNG
  • Ethanol blended fuels
  • Sources of alternate fuels
  • Storage issues for alternate fuels
  • Energy equivalents of alternate fuels
  • Carbon impacts and carbon abatement strategies