Use Fueltrac’s Tender Management process for the most accurate market intelligence available.

A proven, transparent and streamlined tender management process.

Preparing and evaluating tenders is highly complex and time-consuming. It’s also often subject to misinformation or incorrect analysis. Fueltrac’s Tender Management process guarantees correct price comparison across all fuel suppliers. With information this accurate, you’ll be certain you’re making the right procurement decision.

Fueltrac uses unique, proprietary tools that have been specifically developed for the petroleum industry. Our electronic tender specification correctly analyses pricing data in every location related to your purchase patterns. We’ll develop your fuel tender specification, prepare and lodge all tender documents and provide a precise evaluation of all supplier offers.

Fueltrac’s Tender Management process

  • Ensures that data collected is compliant and standardised across all locations, all suppliers and all cost components
  • Provides an accurate, like-for-like pricing comparison
  • Gives you negotiating power with all potential suppliers
  • Saves you time, money and in-house resources