We can minimise your exposure to fuel price risks.

We can minimise your exposure to fuel price risks.

Before you make a decision about fuel price risk management, make sure you’re fully informed. Fueltrac’s proprietary processes give you the information you need to consistently buy at the lowest point in the fuel pricing cycle. Our advice will help you choose the optimum buying strategy.

Oil companies move prices on a regular basis without disclosing how these moves have been calculated. Fueltrac is able to determine the underlying reason for price movements, and how this will affect ongoing volatility and amplitude. We give you the visibility you need to make an informed decision about possible pricing strategies, such as price capping, fixing or collaring.

Fueltrac’s Fuel Price Risk Management Consulting Service:

  • Ensures you’re buying fuel at the best price
  • Minimises your exposure to pricing volatility and amplitude
  • Gives you a thorough understanding of any associated risks and costs
  • Links pricing fluctuations back to underlying product cost movements