How do you know if Bio Fuels are a viable option?

One of Australia’s largest transport industry associations was fielding questions from its members about the viability of alternate fuels. Some members who had used bio fuels claimed to have achieved significant savings, while others had reported costly experiences with engine failures. The association felt they could not offer a definitive stance on whether the benefits of using bio fuels outweighed the risks.

Fueltrac was engaged as an independent Consultant to:

  • Undertake a thorough review of the bio diesel industry in Australia, including capacity and quality
  • Explore potential opportunities and benefits, including environmental and financial
  • Outline potential risks, including how effects on engine performance and possible warranty issues
  • Determine the potential for favourable government subsidies to be reversed following a change in government

Our Approach

Our independent and credible market review started with interviewing all key stakeholders, including suppliers, producers, engine manufacturers, supply chain operators, traditional oil companies and consumers. We compared pricing and performance outcomes with traditional fuels using both current and forecast models.

We delivered a detailed risk matrix to the association of all possible fuels available. This assessed price, performance and environmental outcomes.

Specific Outcomes

Our Consulting Service has provided this client with:

  • A thorough overview of the alternate fuel market in Australia
  • A credible framework from which they could make informed decisions about where alternate fuels were best suited
  • A deep understanding of the risk profiles associated with alternate fuels