A completely unique report with multiple benefits.

Sourcing and tracking Terminal Gate Prices for fuel products across Australia is so complex it’s virtually impossible. With Fueltrac’s TGP Reporting service, this information is delivered straight to your inbox in one easy, usable and relevant report. This valuable information gives you comprehensive visibility at a glance.

Fueltrac’s TGP Reporting service is unique in providing a single collated report that compares the published wholesale prices of each fuel supplier – in every fuel terminal, in every location, and on every day. These daily reports show you which supplier and location represents the optimal buy, and also indicates pricing trends so you can optimise your purchasing timing.

Fueltrac’s TGP Reports:

  • Are available as forecast or historical data
  • Show you which fuel supplier has the cheapest prices, and where they are located
  • Apply to all declared petroleum products
  • Can be used as a basis for adjusting your own fuel surcharges or contract rates