Welcome to Fuelnet – a unique, powerful and secure data solution

Fuelnet gives your organisation a central fuel data storage and retrieval system that’s completely customised to your needs. This unique web-based system enables your team, no matter where they’re located, to securely access up-to-date, accurate and highly relevant fuel reports, data and pricing information.

With Fuelnet, your team is kept informed and updated without you having to lift a finger. Extremely cost-effective, this system eliminates the need for paper-based reporting and provides easily accessible, real-time information about your fuel usage and pricing. All data is exportable for seamless integration with your existing systems.


  • Allows you to download consolidated data from multiple fuel suppliers in a single report
  • Gives your entire organisation a central point of access for relevant and current fuel information
  • Has powerful search functions that are tailored to your business needs
  • Is a fully scalable and cost-effective data solution

Want to register for Fuelnet?

Just call 07 3219 4466, or email us. We’ll customise a Fuelnet solution to suit your needs.