A Fueltrac Benchmarking study gives you certainty because our market intelligence is highly relevant and up-to-date.

Are you getting the best deal from your current supply arrangement?

Fueltrac’s Benchmarking service tells you definitively if your current supplier is giving you the most competitive prices available on fuel and lubricants. Before you go to the expense of a tender process, let Fueltrac perform a Benchmarking study to put you in the picture.

Our comprehensive and up-to-date data will establish whether your current arrangement is working optimally for your business. We’ll compare the prices you’re currently paying with market prices across the entire petroleum industry. You’ll have conclusive information on whether your current deal is competitive, or if switching to a different supplier could save you money.

Fueltrac’s Benchmarking process

  • Tells you how competitive your current fuel and lubricants contract is
  • Gives you negotiating power for a better deal with your current supplier
  • Identifies if it’s worth the expense of going to tender
  • Gives you a snapshot of how your current pricing compares with your competitors’