Are you being overcharged by oil companies?

Are you being overcharged by oil companies?

The complexity of fuel, lubricant and EV pricing methodologies can leave you in the dark. One small pricing error by your fuel supplier can magnify to a substantial loss over the life of the contract. Fueltrac’s Contract Compliance service eliminates this risk by independently auditing every single transaction.

Oil companies use complicated rise and fall pricing mechanisms that are based on international prices. Without access to this data, it’s almost impossible to verify if you’re being charged correctly. Fueltrac has the resources and expertise to check and recalculate every transaction to ensure it complies with your negotiated contract. We’ll also help you recover any overcharged amounts.

Fueltrac’s Contract Compliance service

  • Ensures you’re not paying more than you need to by auditing every single transaction on every single invoice
  • Uses international pricing indices and other industry pricing benchmarks to supply monthly compliance reports
  • Helps you recover any refunds from incorrect charges
  • Saves you money on external auditors and frees up your in-house resources