Brisbane petrol prices near $1.80 amid US oil surge and ‘fake fuel cycle’

FUELtrac General Manager Geoff Trotter recently spoke to about the fuel cycle in Brisbane, including the reasons Brisbane petrol prices have been able to rise so high.

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South East Queensland Independent Fuel Retailers Create Competition

South East Queensland has some of the highest fuel prices in Australia, but, independent fuel retailers in the area are much cheaper.

The flow on effects of the independent retailers keeping their prices low are causing other, nearby fuel stations to keep their prices lower as well, and disrupting the fuel cycle.

The story below from Channel 9 further details the effects of independent fuel retailers in South East Queensland.

Premium Unleaded Rip Off

Channel 9 reports on the use of premium unleaded fuel, and the oil companies’ profits per litre. 

Data on the refinery prices and retail prices supplied by FUELtrac.

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Petrol Price Spikes Ahead of the Long Weekend

Petrol prices are expected to spike before the long weekend. Geoff Trotter speaks to Channel 9 about the 40 cent rise and the oil company’s profit margins above the wholesale price. 

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If Crude Oil is So Cheap, Why is My Petrol So Expensive?

FUELtrac General Manager Geoff Trotter speaks to the ABC about why fuel prices are still so expensive during the coronavirus shutdown, despite the low price of crude oil.

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Drivers slapped with unjustifiable fuel price hikes

Motorists are feeling the strain this week as Australian petrol retailers are selling fuel with record high profit margins as they take advantage of the recent attacks in Saudi Arabia.

General Manager Geoff Trotter provides professional comments on the issue.

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Fueltrac’s response to attack on Saudi Arabia – What’s next for Australian Petrol Prices?

FUELtrac General Manager Geoff Trotter discusses what is expected for the future of Australian fuel prices after the attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil processing facilities, which has provoked oil prices to rise dramatically.

Podcast with Ross Greenwood. Click here.

Why petrol prices spiked before the Easter weekend

FUELtrac General Manager Geoff Trotter provided comments on why the petrol prices have increased to hit a 22 week high before Easter weekend.

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Price is risen: Why petrol prices spiked before Easter weekend

Motorists feel pump pain

Geoff Trotter from FUELtrac has provided comments to Courier Mail regarding the petrol prices which are set to skyrocket, due to the grocery petrol retailers dominating the market.

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Fuel expert calls for petrol retailer cap to stop gouging at the pump

FUELtrac’s Geoff Trotter recently spoke to SMH about how petrol pricing could be managed to help all consumers.

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